Make A Difference Everywhere (MADE) is a Charitable Trust set up with 3 main goals – To fund education and Health initiatives and to help the elderly population of Malawi, who find themselves impoverished and under financial constraints. MADE’s vision for education in Malawi is to help improve the standards of Primary School Education through providing the basic tools required to make learning more fun for children. The Trust has also set up an education fund/bursary to help those families struggling to pay the fees required for Secondary Level and Tertiary Level Education.
Our vision for Health in this country is to provide necessary equipment and medication to all health facilities throughout the country with the aim of ensuring that children and the elderly no longer die unnecessarily, due to illnesses that, with the correct resources, can be easily treated.
The elderly are a forgotten society within our country and in many cases, grandparents have been left to look after their orphaned grandchildren who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. These grandparents who are at an age where they can no longer work and earn an income find themselves in dire circumstances and the children in such a situation face a grim future. This is where MADE comes in to meet those needs.
We invite every individual with the same drive and passion to help those less fortunate to join us and support us in our quest to make a difference everywhere in this country, through making a one-off donation or committing to a monthly amount over a 12-month period by completing this donation form.

Let us all make a difference, however big or small, wherever we are!

Many thanks.

The MADE Team.